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  • Magnetic Cylinder

  • Magnetic Cylinder

  • Magnetic Cylinder

  • Magnetic Cylinder

  • Magnetic Cylinder

Magnetic Cylinder

The magnetic cylinders of Hongxun adopt with high quality steel , permanent magnet with high strength adhesive, the extreme precision of outer circle ensure the rotary cutting accuracy and stability. The magnetic cylinders have to match flexible blades with same quality to make sure the ideal die cutting effect.


The magnetic cylinders are applicable for all kinds of rotary press with rotary die cutting seat, including full rotation letterpress, full rotation flexographic press, full rotation combined press, batch-type letterpress. It is also used for other special processing equipments, such as commercial form machine, envelope machine, and specialist processing rotary die cutting machine etc.

The usual gap of magnetic cylinders is 0.48mm, 0.58mm, 0.74mm.

Label die cutting gap: 0.48mm, electric die cutting gap: 0.58mm, Rfid chip cutting gap: 0.74mm

Die cutting is including into full rotation die cutting and intermittent die cutting

The gear modulus: English system 1/8CP and Metric system M1 gear modulus and M2 modulus.

Die cutting mark is dividing in to light, standard, deep; the blade angle is single 30°,35°,40°; the angle of PE is usually between 25°~30°,the angle of paper is usually between 35°~ 40°.

Unique Features

Our advanced sales and technical team could support for professional help. According to the original technical specified and international quality standards, we are making and supplying magnetic cylinders with good quality.

Roller shaft45# steel55~58 HRC±0.03mm
Roller shoulderCR12 Mov60-62 HRC±0.03mm
Body45# steel20~30 HRC±0.03mm

The magnetic cylinder of Hongxun is one of the high quality in manufacturing, the specification standard contains advanced magnetic controlling power and precision production processing. Plus our producing gear also give our magnetic cylinder a high accuracy. It's also designed for optimizing our flexible blades cutting precision. The Hongxun produced magnetic cylinder matching with suitable flexible blades together, even if the most difficult challenge of production processing ensure the most stringent tolerance measurement and precision, to increase the profits for our clients.

Production Process

Magnetic Cylinder

Technical Specifications

The magnetic cylinders of Hongxun adopted international advanced roller shoulder suit type, ensure excellent stability and abrasiveness of roller.

Adopted high quality permanent magnetic block, ensure its super adsorption. For smaller cylinder , part of them are the same to make sure the cutting blades stability while the different materials are rubbing above the cylinder.

Every magnetic cylinder is required to match with gear which is designed by factory, after precision processing and anticorrosive painting , the gear is the key to ensure cylinder still working.

Choosing high strength adhesive with excellent stability , ensure the magnetic cylinder’s surface is smooth and clean.

Between the roller shoulder and body, the accuracy is controlled in 1μm, same to the international standard.

Magnetic Cylinder Ordering Process

1. The machine brand and size

2. The gap

3. The Gear teeth number

4. The original drawing ( the drawing has to be done well after die cutting , not the real blades line drawing. Remember the drawing mirror image when the round press rotary die cutting is working on.)

5. Trial cutting material

Above all information, customers have to show us when enquired our productions. The max length of magnetic cylinder is in 1200mm as standard. 

The Comparison

Our company is a rising star in Flexible blades and Magnetic cylinders manufacturing, the meanwhile our production's quality and accuracy are excellent high and also with fast speeds. The production process is more advanced, good service life and we can make the surface coating treatment.

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