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Application of oscillating knife sample cutting machine in carton industry

Jul. 10, 2021

Carton is the carton packaging commonly used in our daily life for packaging items. Especially with the rise of the express delivery industry, carton has ushered in a golden age of its own development.

 Application of oscillating knife sample cutting machine in carton industry

In fact, whether it is transport packaging or sales packaging, the carton has a similar arched structure, which can play a role in shock resistance and shock absorption, and has a good protection function for packaged items. Compared with plastic packaging, cartons are environmentally friendly, reusable, and cost-saving, and are well received by the supply industry.


The traditional carton processing process usually only cuts the blade in one direction, so the cutting is greatly restricted and the efficiency is low. The development of oscillating knife numerical control cutting technology and the intelligent automatic cutting function have completely changed the shortcomings of traditional carton processing. The carton vibration knife cutting machine not only has high cutting quality, but also can improve production efficiency and reduce production costs. It is widely used in cutting cartons, cartons, color boxes, corrugated paper, gray paper, etc., and can replace traditional cartons, color boxes, paper racks and other manual developments Design and sample, shorten the corresponding development time.

 Application of oscillating knife sample cutting machine in carton industry

As a supplier of CNC vibration knife cutting machines, Yitai Packaging has been committed to providing efficient cutting solutions for the carton manufacturing industry for many years. The carton oscillating knife cutting machine developed and produced adopts oscillating knife cutting technology, which is specially designed for the carton packaging industry and can meet the mass production needs of packaging companies. Let's take a look at the characteristics of the leading laser carton CNC oscillating knife cutting machine.

1. The mechanical performance of the carton numerical control oscillating knife cutting machine is stable, and it can meet the needs of diversified design and processing.

2. It has the characteristics of standard, fast, efficient, intelligent, etc., to achieve the purpose of speed, time saving, and cost reduction.

3. It can be widely used in design samples and small batch production of packaging carton enterprises, and can cut cardboard, cardboard, honeycomb cardboard, foam board, plastic board, etc.

4. The carton numerical control oscillating knife cutting machine has the functions of low design cost, less design time, and high design efficiency.

5. The carton numerical control oscillating knife cutting machine can improve your design technology and design concept, enhance the corporate image, and increase the opportunities for business orders.

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