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Grandcorp Group Return to Normal Work

May. 14, 2022

For the entire month of March, a lot of cities in China locked down due to the impact of the COVID-19 epidemic in Shanghai. The Chinese government implement dynamic zero-COVID policy.

It means once a COVID case was spotted, it uses efficient and fast measures to tackle the COVID cases with measures like fast testing, massive testing and, of course, including lockdowns.

the policy greatly reduced the death rate and protects people. This is quite an effective policy. 


Chinese government's decision to stick with the policy is based on the situation and it's not once-and-for-all. It keeps adapting to new changes. Residents in the lockdown area received basic supplies provided by the government.

Grandcorp Group Return to Normal Work

After more than a month of lockdown, the whole people are united to fight the epidemic. Most Chinese enterprises finally return back to work, in which including our Grandcorp Group. Employees adjust their condition quickly and work with the fullest enthusiasm. Many accumulated goods are arranged to ship to customers one after another.


Grandcorp Group Return to Normal Work

Grandcorp Group limited was established in Taiwan in 1983. It is with over 38 years experience in die making. Grandcorp Group is the No.1 biggest rotary die shop in China. And it has more than 30 factories around China and abroad, among which includes 2 branches in Vietnam, 1 in Taiwan, 1 wood factory in Shandong province, 1 die blade factory in South China, 1 trading company which professionally supplying die making machines and materials across the world,such as laser cutting machine , auto bending machine, flat die board, rotary shell, die making rules, etc.


Based on Grandcorp Group limited over 38 years experience in die making, with the years of research and investment, with the business cooperation with world’s brands, with the whole group members’ hard working, with the multichannel of brands influence, with the global service cooperation, we believe we will be your long time Chinese reliable strategic partner for die making machinery and materials. 


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