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Solid Die

Solid die is the traditional tool for rotary die cutting.

We adopt import high-speed tool steel to make the solid die.The hardness can be HRC60-HRC62 after full vacuum heat treatment to make sure the solid die has excellent wear resistance and long-term stability.


Solid die has great advantages in some area, such as some thicker labels, full cut cardboard etc. We can customized the solid die according different printing device to different types: normalsolid dies, air-flush solid dies etc. The blade can be designed to cut from up to down or from down to up or cut the full material.

Unique Features

1. High quality material-Hight-speed tool steel.

2. Strict CNC engraving.

3. Long life-time.

4. Mature process.

Technical Specifications

Adopt import high-speed tool steel, The hardness can be HRC60-HRC62 after full vacuum heat treatment.

Blade height and angle can be adjusted according different application and material to get the excellent cutting result and a long lifetime.

Air-flush solid die can keep the working envirment clean by blush the waster from the punch.

If equipped with waste collection dervice.

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