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  • Flat Cutting Rule

  • Flat Cutting Rule

  • Flat Cutting Rule

  • Flat Cutting Rule

  • Flat Cutting Rule

Flat Cutting Rule

Our flat die cutting rule is produced with the most advanced technology of cutters manufacturing from Germany. Specific technology of adding hardness to the back of a blade can eliminate the stress of steel material for the blade occurred in die cutting hard materials so that the back of a blade can give stronger support to the edge of a knife.

Packing info

Our cutting rule has two package styles.

1. Coil pack---------2pt(100m per coil) 3pt(70m per coil)

2. strip pack--------2pt(100pcs per box-1m measure cut off) 3pt(70pcs per box)


Cutting rule for die making

1. It is for flat wooden laser die making

2. It is easy to be processed by auto bender and manual bender.

Flat Cutting Rule
Flat Cutting Rule
Flat Cutting Rule

Technical Specifications

Thicknesses-- (2PT)0.71mm, (3PT)1.07mm,(4PT)1.42mm

Height----------22-23.8mm and 30mm, 50mm, 60mm, 80mm

Hardness------Body(38-45HRC) Edge Angle(42/52)

Shape---------center bevel,long bevel, side bevel, long side bevel(CB,LCB,SB, LSB)

Flat Cutting Rule

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