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  • JCPY-1225 Laser Cutting Machine

JCPY-1225 Laser Cutting Machine


JCPY-1225 Flat & Rotary die board laser machine is mainly for cutting various die board in color print industry, electronic products, and other light industry, sheet metal industry such as carbon steel, sheet, stainless steel sheet, aluminum alloy sheet; acrylic material, plastic material, and another non-metal sheet.

With stable body structure design, flexible working function, professional CNC control system, the cutting efficiency and quality has more advantages over traditional cutting method. This machine satisfies the die making factory, carton factory and other package& printing factory who need to make both flat and rotary dies.


JCPY-1225 Laser Cutting Machine

Technical Specifications

Model No.JCPY-1225
The table movingGantry construction
Laser output powerHigh power axial flow CO2 laser source
X-axis travel2440mm
Y-axis travel1220mm
Z-axis travel120mm
The maximum cutting board size170~800*3000mm
Cutting speedFlat: 70~90m/hRotary: 45-55m/h
Re-Positioning Precision≤0.02mm
Controlling systemGermany PA
Transmission systemBall screw & Linear guide (TAIWAN)
Driving systemJapan high-precision servo drive and motors
Optical systemUS
Moving structureGantry
Chiller systemMade in China
Laser generator gas matchedHe, N2, CO2 (99.999%)
Laser cutting thickness0.1-30mm
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