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  • YTR-800C Rotary Router

  • YTR-800C Rotary Router

YTR-800C Rotary Router

The CNC rotary router is a great help in field of rotary die making. According to the requirement of to rotary die making, we design and make this machine and come the first supplier. The development of CNC technology makes the cutting of rotary die board to have new feature: low energy consumption, high accuracy, high efficiency and easy operation.


The CNC rotary router is a great help in field of rotary die making.

Unique Features

● Low cost machine, quickly to return investment;

● Low consumption, two degrees of electricity per hour only;

● Low maintenance cost, milling cutter consumption only;

● Working environmental protection, No laser cutting smoke;

● Fully automatically drilling cut the installation hole, one-time to complete the rotary die cutting process.

● High rigidity machine bed with annealing process to ensure the accuracy, to be stable for a long time.

● Fully closed design, isolation of dust, no pollution.


● Windows 7 system of the computer

● Independent design and development software and support for free upgrades

● A variety of optimization methods of graphics automatically;Insure high efficiency of working

● Maintain the shortest and best processing path with the software

● Handwheel pulse control, fine and accurate adjustment of axial direction can be carried out

● Pure electron laser detection for broken knife detection 

● Follow up system——Adopt mechanical displacement sensor,direct contact with die board surface 

● Acoustooptic alarm prompt 

● We are on the technical support of GRANDCORP Group, the first domestic rotary die making manufacturer, the details use and control is more professional. Ensure rotary die making more convenient

Technical Specifications

No.Model no.YTR-800C
1The maximum cutting board sizeDiameter 170~800*3000mm
2Cutting speed36M/H
3Precision accuracy0.05mm
4Transmission systemPrecision linear ball guide
5Driving motorTaiwan
6Machine size4.2*1.2*2.2m(L*W*H)
9Power supplySingle phase,220v,50/60HZ
10Cutting material thickness13-15mm birch/beech plywood

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