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  • HD1100 Pertinax Making Machine

HD1100 Pertinax Making Machine

HD1100 PERTINAX machine is mainly for cutting the PERTINAX in Sandwich die industry.

With stable body structure design, professional CNC control system, the cutting efficiency and quality has more advantages over traditional cutting method. This machine satisfy the die making factory who need to make the sandwich dies.


HD1100 PERTINAX machine is mainly for cutting the PERTINAX in Sandwich die industry

HD1100 Pertinax Making Machine

Unique Features

● High cutting speed, air walking speed reaches 15 meters per minute

● Marble working table flatness is good

● Large spindle power, the PERTINAX cutting result is good.

● Use standard G Can use the G code generate from other software and also can use the code from our PERTINAX code generator

Auto knife changer can finish the production at one time

Technical Specifications

Model No.HD1100
X-axis travel-length1100mm
Y-axis travel-length1100mm
Z-axis travel-length80mm
Moving speed15m/min
Positioning Precision0.01mm
Re-Positioning Precision0.005mm
Max weight of table load300KG
Resolving power0.001
Power380V/6KW ( three-phase supply)
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)1600*1700*1400mm
G. Weight1500kg
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